Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who are these people I live with??

You ever have a day....or even just a moment when you think:

Who are these people I live with?

Or ya know talk with/hang out with...and so on.

I had a day where someone shoulda asked themselves that recently. Ya know....the razor incident? If my husband was here he would've looked at me just like this:

What a hot guy I married right? Took me 10mins to try and get him to make this face.

And yes....he does make that exact face to me.

Anyhow, there was a day recently where I looked at him like this:

Ok I know its not the same face....I just wanted ya'll to see that I am so sexy (you know it...stop trying to be a hater)

I thought....wait...again getting ahead of myself.

Ok so, we had the TV on while eating dinner (I heard that collective gasp. I know...we are horrible people) and a preview for Top Chef came on. At least I think it was Top Chef...there are just so many chef/cooking/whatever shows on it could've been anything.

Anyhow, what was I saying?

Oh yea.

Before I go on....I know I have this thing on the blog called a Conversation with Mr. Man. It would've been a conversation if not for....well....lemme just tell ya.

I was feeding monkey when this preview came on. Mr. Man was still eating his pizza when he turns to me and says:

I think Chefs are the hardest doctors.

I looked at him like this:

But I shoulda been looking at him like this:

I bursted out hysterical laughing and said: Ok. Sure.

I am still laughing as I write this. God I love that man.

*wipes tear from eye*

Ok it really wasn't that funny. It was more my husbands reaction after he said it. He just looked at me as if to say....what the heck am I talking about?

God. We are just such awesome people.

Wait...don't doesnt stop there!

I have more awesomeness for ya'll. But it involves someone who doesnt live with us.

My mother. She is the queen of awesomeness.

Anywow, we were at my parents house (I have no idea why. I think it was the weekend we saw SuperDork at the zoo together....but dont quote me on that) eating dinner when my mom pulls out the avocado.

Ah the avocado. Such a staple at my parents house.

Although my mom really is not "supposed" to eat it (she is on the Atkins/South Beach/Suzanne Somers Diet...I say all of those cause I have no idea what she does these days). She always seems to be toting that jive avocado around.(I say jive...cause....well...I can. translation...I have no idea why)

Anywheys, whenever she has it she always offers it to us. Meaning my brother (who hates vegetables), my husband (who until we met never tasted vegetables...unless you count ketchup & mashed potatoes and to let youse know...he still does not eat any) and myself. I love me my vegetables but not avocado.

and carrots. Ugh. I hate carrots. But really....who likes carrots?

Hmmm......maybe that's why I wear contacts and really thick glasses...lack of carrots in my diet. (Yes, I know thats an old wives tale....just trying to make a joke ya'll)

Oh well....crap...where was I?

For some reason I can only eat avocado in guacamole form. And even then...only if the guacamole is on a burger.

Yeah I dont get that either.

I'm just a special, special lady. (I know this...because my friends Veija little grandma father brother mother hubby everybody I know tells me so)
So anywheres, she did her usual offering and both my brother and husband do their usual..well...teasing. They tease her by saying yeah then as shes cutting they say no...then say yeah when she puts the knife away....I know...they are just mean horrible creatures. right?

Ok, ok, I join in on the teasing too.

I seriously dont get why she always asks. She knows we ain't gonna eat it. Maybe its just hope that her children will do what she wants for once.

But this one time, after the teasing was done...she said something that made us all look at her like this:

Heres how the conversation went:

Mom:  Knucklehead and Mr. Man, you really should try the avocado. It tastes like nothing. Seriously, it has no taste.
Mr. Man: why do I need to try it then? I know what nothing tastes like.
Knucklehead: exactly! Man...where have you been all my life.
Me: You add salt to it for flavor
Mr. Man: If you like it so much why dont you have it
Me: I dont eat it...I just know. And hello? Feeding the baby Mistah!
Dad: Yeah the salt makes it taste really good
Mom: Knucklehead, you know the dip for chips? Whats it called? Wacamole? Well just think its wacamole without all the extra stuff.
Knucklehead: sure its called wacamole? Isn't it called GUAcamole?
Mom: Thats what I said....wacamole.
Dad: Honey....I think its called GUAcamole.
Mom: Isnt that what I'm saying? Wacamole...wacamole....waca....mole...oh....GUAcamole.

Ok....I think its safe to say that we are all laughing hysterically here. But then my brother and husband go on.

Mr. Man: Even I knew you were saying it wrong. I think even the baby knew you saying it wrong.
Knucklehead: Nah man....she was saying it right. She was talking about Fozzie Bear's recipe for it.
Dad: Waca waca waca!

Seriously.....who are these people I live with?

Ok...I know I dont live with my parents anymore (thank God); but we....oh dangit. You get my drift.

I swear our last names should be the Awesomes.

I just wanted to include this picture cause I am proud of myself. 20lbs LOST!!! Now I've got only 50 more to go.

Dont forget to link up @ the new Wordful Weds site!! Dont know what it is? Shame on you Just click the button and it will magically take you there! (sidenote: Yes. I am a proud dork)


  1. That is hilarious and so sounds like my family! When my parents were here visiting, we gave each other new names, I was Peggy, my mom was FeeFee, Logan was Steve, my dad was #2 and Phil was James! I have been wanting to blog about it because it was too funny:-)
    Way to go on losing weight!!!!!

  2. I ask myself that everyday!!! And awesome job on the weight loss!!!

  3. Good for you losing 20 pounds! AWESOME!

  4. Damn, 20 lbs is a huge success. Go you!!

    Waca, waca, waca. Fozzie bear is so under rated. But his waucamole is no good.

  5. How do you even stop laughing with all of these conversations and faces all day long? Hilarious!

    Congrats on your 20 pounds! Great job!

  6. Yup we watch TV and eat too, but i soooo dont want to do that w/ LM getting older - hubby will nvr change tho!
    I love avocados! and wacamole!
    And congrats on the 20! you rock and keep up the good work.

  7. Congrats on the weight loss! That's impressive.

    And it sounds like you live with some very fun people. Who's last names should definitely be The Awesomes.

  8. You go lady!! Most definitely AWESOMENESS! Loving the pictures, just too funny telling a little story along the way LOL! :-))

  9. Congrats on the weight loss, girl! And your family? They crack me up! Waca waca waca. lol

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud


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