Friday, August 5, 2011

What Motherhood Really Is....

Lately been having some thoughts on what I have learned as a mother.

Nothing and yet so very much. One big thing is: I am learning (again) that it is be imperfect. I am just gonna be me. What a freaking hard lesson to learn.

Anyhow, I know I wrote two posts about this. One not so funny and nostalgic and one that was...funny and nostalgic. But as in motherhood - the list is ever changing and growing.

Here is an updated list for ya...

Motherhood is:
  • Wondering if I will ever have a clean living room again
  • Knowing that your child is about to throw up; you cup your hands in front of his face (instead of getting him to the bathroom - cause you know you wont get there in time).
  • Cleaning up projectile poop (don't know what I mean? Well...thank the Lord Jesus for that).
  • Eating a cold meal...alone
  • Being under appreciated
  • Dancing to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and not caring who's looking cause your child is hysterical laughing
  • Cleaning throw up out of your hair - 20mins after the throw up incident or maybe a few hours later...when you remember
  • Your heart melting when you hear mama for the first time
  • then grinning and bearing it while they call everyone else mama as well
  • not liking your kids all the time (Anyone who tells you different is lying - or forgot the bad stuff)
  • Knowing that when your child says "dow" four hundred times at your feet, he wants you to hold him
  • Forgetting the bad stuff
  • Knowing that sometimes most of the time, 99.99% of the time the only person in the world that will sing your praise - is the Lord. (My mom gave me Zep 3:17 as a word of encouragement on my birthday. Didn't get it until later that day - when no one celebrated my 30th birthday...just celebrated my son)
  • Looking at a shirt with one tiny spot of baby spit up and thinking: This is good enough to wear today, its only one little spot and it doesn't smell.
  • Worrying over every single thing your child does or doesn't do
  • Waking up at 2am cause you swear you heard your child wheeze. Then staying up the rest of the night making sure they're ok
  • Being 8mos pregnant w bronchitis & a sinus infection...and still being the only one that can change your toddlers diaper
  • Celebrating Mothers day by watching a basketball game & eating hot dogs - even though you hate both
  • Learning to be ignored
  • Sleeping less than your husband - but accepting the fact that he will always think that he sleeps less than you and works harder than you 
  • Having regular conversations with your husband about...farts
  • Feeling inadequate/jealous (I am not one of those moms who makes baby food from scratch...but I am learning to be okay with it.)
  • Going to the bathroom with an audience
  • Going to the pediatricians office for a last minute appt, with a wrinkled shirt and mountain woman legs; but thinking you look good cause you did your hair
  • Praying every moment of the day, that your kids don't end up with your many, manymany issues
  • Knowing that no matter how opinionated your mother know your children best
  • Wondering if you will ever sleep a full night again
  • your boobs hang they wobble to and fro...can you tie 'em in a knot...can you tie 'em in a bow...can you throw 'em ov'r your shoulder like a continental your boobs hang low? and realizing the answer just may be yes
  • Waking up at 2am for a potty break and singing: "He's Special Agent Oso...the unique stuffed bear..."
  • Never ever, ever taking a sick day again
  • Drinking a double shot of any Starbucks drink and still feeling tired
  • Being a human handkerchief (...ha...don't know if I spelled that right - but you know I mean tissue right?)
  • Putting yourself last - without realizing it and not caring when you do
  • Watching Special Agent Oso a billion and five times & just when you think you can't take it anymore; your quiet little child looks at you and says with the hugest smile: Ooouuu-danding.
  • Love...unconditional, squishy love
  • Waking up every morning to those faces and knowing you can survive the day all over again...teething and all.

That's been motherhood to me so any you want to add?

This post was inspired by the ever awesome Jill over at Scary Mommy. She did a great post on Motherhood. Ya'll need to check it out...seriously. See? I give props when due ;o)


  1. Hehe, great list! I like the song about boobs haha.

  2. You sure covered most or all of it! Congrats for surviving thus far!

  3. Hi imperfectmomma!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting on our potty training tricks! Yes, I'm real glad these are working for us (for now! hehehe...) Hope you'll be successful when your child embark on their potty training journey!

    Btw, I've done the hand cupping vomit thingy (my 1st reflex), the projectile poop cleaning, and yes, my heart still melts even when he calls me 'mummy' now.

    As for going to the bathroom, ever since I had a child, it's pretty much 'open door policy' for me. He goes where I goes, or he stood outside where he can still see me.

    Oh many many more of the items on your list, I agree!!!

    Have a blessed day and happy motherhood to you!

    ~ Jenny ( )

  4. That is the perfect spot-on list;-) Ha!

  5. I LOVE this and I think your kids are lucky to have you. I also think that embracing your imperfections is a wise thing, and a key to being a good parent!

  6. This is truly a wonderful list! Motherhood has given me many reasons to pray.

  7. Hey I left a comment the other day and I dont see it..?I hope you got it..!

  8. Great list!

    And no, you will never have a clean living room again.

    Trust me. My Things are 12 and 15. It only gets worse.

  9. That's about it! Only a fellow mom could read that list and understand ... and cry and laugh at the same time!

    Enjoy your SITS day!

  10. You know I am really happy I am a Mom only to my dog, I don't think I was cut out for that list. ;)

  11. Amen, sista! Love your blog, and I can totally relate to your adventures!

  12. You're absolutely right... laughing so hard I was crying and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! I think you've pretty much got it covered. You have a way with words with this list.

    Hope you've had an awesome SITS day... I must check out more of your blog now! :)

  13. Happy SITS day!

    Nice list of motherhood!


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