Tuesday, September 20, 2011

perfect hearing

So, we have a problem in our house.

Its called MonkeyMan and Oso.

Ya'll know how I lost that loving feeling with Special Agent Oso right?

Well....here is another reason why...

Oso must be on the TV all day...everyday.

But monkey will not watch it.

If I leave the TV off...I get the Eeesh conversation until its on...or I distract him (though that doesnt always work).

If I have the TV on, it better be on Eesh or I get this evil face until its on.

Now...if monkey is in another room playing nicely - I will do the unspeakable - and try to sneakily watch one of my shows.

Doesnt work.

This kid will come running to the living room as soon as that show is off...look at the TV...then look at me and go: Eeesh?

How does this kid hear his show is off? He does this no matter where he is...no matter what room he's in, he will always hear when his show turns off.

He must have perfect hearing!


  1. Oh, that makes me crazy. Mine don't really pay too much attention to the tv... but if I change the channel, they are not happy.

  2. Maybe your son's a special agent in training: ) You have to admit that the Special Agent Oso show does have a catchy theme.

  3. What the heck? He's not even in the room and he still cares what's on the tv? LOL

  4. That makes me think of my dog. He can be zonked across the house. But the creek of the pantry door? He's awake and standing at your feet.


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