Tuesday, November 8, 2011

diary of a sad anxious woman: when velma attacks

Excerpt taken from yesterdays diary entry:


it's just....

ya know some days I feel like such a nutjob.

Velma (what us ppdchat moms called our ppd...sorry if your name is velma) lies. 

I know this.

But...I just feel like such a loser.

I feel the anxiety build up in my chest.

My heart starts fluttering faster and faster.

I feel my claustrophobia start to settle in.

Velma is coming to attack.

So what do I do to feel better?

Jog in place.

I feel the tension release in my legs 

I start to feel normal again.

My husband comes home to see me jogging around the house.

What does he do?

Give me a hug.

I feel a little less isane.

Maybe, I am not such a nutjob after all.

Then I look to my 2 year old son.

What do I see?

Him laughing.

While he jogs in place. 

What a fun game mommy came up with.

Maybe I'm not such a nutjob after all.


  1. You are so NOT a nutjob! You are a hodge podge of fabulous!!!! And besides, being "normal" is so boring;-)

  2. I absolutely love that your little guy did the same thing. :)

  3. I don't think you're a nutjob at all - and aren't hugs fabulous?


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