Sunday, December 11, 2011

She's baaaaaaaaaaack!

Yeah peoples.

Its the return of the Bib Nazi.

Duhn, duhn, DUUUUHHHHHHNNNNNN!!!!!!!

She's back. And this time w a vengeance. Ok...maybe not with a vengence...but it sounds cooler.

The first time something happened I was at my parents house. So I didn't think to take pictures.

Stinkin mommy brain.

you see, we dropped our creatures off at my parents for date day.

the kids weren't having man and I were.

Thought I should clarify that.

Anyhow, when I left diva was wearing this bib:

When I came back, she was wearing this one:

It took me a few minutes to realize but then I asked: "wasn't diva wearing a different bib?"

"Yeah but she spit up all over it"

From none other than the bib nazi.

But it didn't click at the time, I just said: "well isn't that what bibs are for?"

"no jessica, it was that bad."

"oh ok"

We went home and unpacked the kids. I looked at mr. man and said: " how do you like that chick changing the bib?"

To which my husband said: sigh "its the return of the bib nazi"

"crap. That's right"

Yeah she's been caught a coupla times since then too.

She came over once. I was getting ready to go out. Diva was in her big winter coat.

What does the bib nazi do?

Puts a bib on her.

I looked at the bib nazi and said: "you have got to be kidding me here. Its a coat! Look at monkey, he has his sleeve in his mouth. Are you gonna put sleeve guards on him too? You better be glad I love ya."

And I took the bib off. least she's gonna give me some good stories.

SIDENOTE: Oh and as I was doing laundry I looked at the bib. It didn't even look like Diva spit up on it.


  1. I love the name "bib nazi". Darn spit up!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA!! Welcome back Bib Nazi!!! I;ve missed you!!


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