Thursday, January 5, 2012

things I miss cause of elmo

- Kim Kardashian got married (I was apparenly the last person in america that found out someone wanted to marry.....uhh, anyone....from the kardashians)

- Did you know theres a show about Finding Bigfoot??!!

- Apparently theres a roadkill cookbook (I wish I was kidding about this)

- Shoo...theres a roadkill bbq fair...cookoff thing

- Billy Graham is still alive (shocker right?)

- So is Tony Bennett (so thought he died in the 90's)

- Kim Kardashian got divorced ... (I was floored. I mean they knew each other for a whole month. I totally did not see that coming)

- People are finally realizing the Kardashians are annoying nobodys

- And theres yet another modeling show called scouted...scouting...future sluts of america? ah...take your pick - they all sound just about right.

- What tomorrows weather will be

- Lindsay Lohan stood up Ellen (blasphemous I know)

- Theres a skunk whisperer (I really want to know what the heck that means)

- Almost missed my Big Fat Gypsy Christmas (greatest tradgedy averted)

- Apparently something happened to Rick...Uh...Something happened to the guy whos last name is Romney.

- the penn state scandal (well almost obviously)

- The arson fires in....uhh....somewhere. California right?

- The book of Tebow (totally don't know what that is but Mr. Man told me to put it in...and is laughing hysterically as I type this)

So all in all....

I ain't missed much.

With GFC going away in March, the only sure way to get some of my awesomeness is through email or my RSS feed. So go ahead and update already!


  1. Okay, I don't even have the Elmo excuse and I missed half of that.

    Clearly, I'm just not paying enough attention.

  2. I need to turn the tv on a little more often. A lot of this escaped me too!

  3. I love this! I, sadly, have been keeping up with all this worthless news via my late night online and trash TV sessions.

  4. HAve you seen my Christmas Tebow tree topper?
    It's epic and it makes my husband very angry.
    Which is a double win.


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