Thursday, February 9, 2012

bustin a move

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So ever since Diva was born, we have had her sleeping in our room.

Not  in our bed, but in a pack n play next to our bed.

I dont get how people can sleep in the same bed as their kid.

I would never get any sleep cause I would be terrified of the morning news.

"Child smothered in her sleep by her mothers right boob."

not the way I think anyone would want to go. At least anyone sane.

Anyhow, she was doing, she had a choice. I am so freaking awesome. We were doing this for the first few months...cause well she woke up to eat at night.

But once she started sleeping through most of the night, we still kept her in there.

Why? Cause her dresser broke and we were using her...umm.....crib.


This may or may not be her bed.
Well, it took us a coupla months to get a dresser and we finally did!

But she stayed in our room in the pack n play.


Cause apparently if I left her alone in her room - the zombie drug lords that live in our apartment building would kidnap her or the millions of bugs that inhabit the earth would eat her face off (yeah PPA screws with your brain sometimes...ok a lot of the time).

So for a week and a half....she stayed in our room.

Now, don't look at me like that. Mr. Man didnt want her to go to the room either! I swear....maybe.

So, tuesday at her doctors appointment we talked about her sleeping and the doctor gave me a speech. She needed to learn how to soothe herself to sleep. Not the doctor. Diva. Thought I would clear that up. The doctor sleeps fine.

Soooo.........we had to let her cry it out.

We did it with monkey and I cried the whole first night.

I thought. Shoo...I's got this mess!

By the end of the night....wait...would that be morning? the end. I gave up.

But last night?

I put a radio in her room. Played the classical radio station...and?


and more importantly?

 SO DID I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Thats right, y'all read that sleep is more important than hers! I mean I need to be on my best for this brat child. I need to remember the important feeding and diapering and .... ya know, I dont know how to finish that sentence more boom!

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  1. That is awesome! And only one bad night too!

    I couldn't sleep with them in my bed or my room. I need complete silence to sleep, and babies are so snuffly!

  2. My 5yo still sleeps in sometimes. He brings his sleeping and crashes on the floor. We had a "family bed" for years. It was a queen sized with a twin smashed in-between it and the wall. It out works out! I've never seen a 10yo still sleeping with there mama! ( and hopefully I never will LOL)

  3. I couldn't allow my son to sleep with me. I worked in a pediatric ER and I've seen some pretty horrific things.
    I'm not saying that it doesn't happen with babes in their own cribs either.
    Sigh...why can't our kids just go the f*ck to sleep.

  4. Yay for sleep! Annah is still in our room in a bassinet, but I would like to get her in her own room soon. I'm hoping the process is easy. But we'll see. Children do have their own plans for most things in life, don't they? ;)

  5. Letting my kids cry it out has been one of the hardest things! But also one of the best. Except for the two times I let my daughter cry it out and just turned out to be sick the next day. Oh the guilt!


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