Tuesday, April 3, 2012

beware of the Desitin

Back when I was a brand new mom and monkey was only 7 weeks old; I thought the worst thing that could happen with Desitin - is getting it on his nose.

Boy was I stupid.

And totally delusional.

Lemme splain.

One day, I changed monkeys diaper and put him down for his nap.

He was about 7 months old.

I closed his door, answered a phone call and sat down on the couch. I opened a new bag of chips and settled down to watch TV.

I start eating when I noticed a rather strange taste to the chips.


Desitin flavored chips are not the best.

After dry heaving for about 30 muins and scrubbing my mouth out; I vowed to never do that again.

Well, when I was 3-4 months pregnant with Diva; I changed monkeys diaper and placed him down for his nap.

I walked to my bathroom and was about to wash my hands when I thought: "Psshh, that doesn't make sense. You're about to go to the bathroom Jessica. Just wash your hands after."

Well, this smarty pants sat down on the john and did her biznezz. After a coupla seconds, I rubbed my face. I was tired ya know. Baking a baby and having a 15 month old is tiring!

Anyhow, as my hand passed my eyes; I noticed something.

Yeah. I had poop on my finger.

Awesome right?

Scrubbed my face and of course dry heaved and made the same promise again.

However, the other day something happened. I got monkey out of bed and changed his diaper. We passed by Diva's room to get to the living room. Monkey screamed: Baby seep!

Me: (placed finger on mouth) Shh monkey. Thats right, baby is sleeping.

And yup. You guessed it.

I got a mouth full of Desitin. When will I ever learn?!


  1. Oh My! Isn't it funny the things that happen that you never thought would. It's like we lose part of our common sense or something. Go temporarily insane. Once I was getting kids ready to go to Granny's to hang out while I went to an appointment. Took them to Granny's. Kissed em. Bout 2 hours later came back and was promptly told I had forgot to put Meg's diaper/pull up (honestly I can't remember which) on her.

    But you take the cake with this story! I am most certain I've never had a mouthful of Destin or poop. Betcha can't wait to share those stories with their future dates or significant others. =P

  2. Hahaha! I can totally relate. I've decided that they suck out brain cells while they're baking inside us. After having three kiddos now I only have about two brain cells left and they are fighting each other (the brain cells, that is)...lol!

  3. ha! glad I am not the only one who has done that!

    great blog. :)


  4. Oh girl, you gotta wash, wash, and wash some more no matter if you think you need to or not!

  5. lol. That's never happened to me with the Destin, but poop and other unmentionables have always managed to make their way in my mouth. It's really gross.

  6. Yuck all the way around. I've had poop pop up in all sorts of strange places.


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