Sunday, April 22, 2012

important lessons

My mom?

Is awesome personified.

She is the person that tried to open my car door with my house key. See? Awesome. And obviously, she is where I get my awesomeness from.

Anyhow, through her awesome life - my mom has taught me many lessons. And she is still teaching me even more now as I am a mom. Obviously.

God I love that woman...even though she drives me absolutely insane a little nutty.

Anywho - what was I saying?

Oh yeah, one lesson - is a strict Puerto Rican tradition - the man (any man) is served food first. Unless of course its buffet, then its every man, woman, child to themselves. Which leads to what happens in their home on most occasions - buffet meals.

Another lesson? The doors must always stay closed or completely open. No in between. In fact, its better if its completely closed, if no one is in the room (or using the cabinet). Why? I have no idea. Well, I do. But its...nevermind. It doesn't apply. you like that bit of shadiness there?! teehee.

Okay, stop Jessica. Get back to the lesson. Now for me? Its like a thing. I hate seeing doors half open. Drives me insane.

Next lesson? If you are unsure of a name, give it a new one and stick with it. Even if people are correcting you. The woman is always right.

Last, most awesome, lesson? When you buy a new outfit? Put it in the back of the closet. Then after a coupla weeks have passed, take it out and wear it. Then when your husband says: "Is that new?" You ain't lying when you reply: "Nah, its been in my closet for a while."

And? Yes I have tried that lesson and it totally worked. Mr. Man didn't even realize I had a new outfit on actually. I have never tried that lesson on my husband, I just saw an episode of I Love Lucy that reminded me of this and made me want to share it with you.....



  1. I admit it. I've done that last lesson, and it works, but there's still that pesky guilt. ;)

  2. You're mama is indeed awesome!

  3. Your mom is beautiful and sounds fabulous! No wonder you're so awesome!

  4. That's cute. Mom is also making me crazy at times. But anyhow, I still love her.


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