Friday, September 7, 2012

My little parrot

So. Monkey has hit an interesting stage.

Thing is? I am definitely not a fan of it anymore.


Well, as you may or may not know - I've been taking percocet cause my catchers mitt has been acting up on me. (this was written before my surgery & I'm too high & tired to try & change it) Which of course leaves me, a little loopy and.....well - my judgement partially impaired. Don't tell Mr. Man I said that - I will totally deny it.

Well, one day I needed to go to run errands. Obviously as high as I've been, my mom joined us to be my chauffeur. Which had to of course start off with starbucks - just a thing with my mom.

So, we are at the speaker thing when this happened:

Me: (coughed) [in a whisper] dang I just peed

My mom giggled

And my son? Who apparently has supersonic hearing?

Monkey: MOMMY GO PEEPEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I couldn't look the drive thru person in the eye

The little booger.

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